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ANGELETTI was founded in 1940, when a boutique was opened in Via Condotti - Rome to showcase the finest brands in Italian jewelry for discerning customers. Via Condotti is the key street housing roman fashion shops, dating back to the atelier of Bulgari which opened in 1905. Now, in addition to Valentino, other exclusive designers such as Armani, Hermes, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada, all have stores on Via Condotti.

Throughout the early years, as ANGELETTI developed lasting relationships with visitors of the boutique arriving from any part of the world, it became quite evident that clients sought not only the finest Italian jewels, but also special one-of-a-kind works of jewelry. After generations of service within the historic shop in Rome, ANGELETTI has quietly discovered and nourished the design and craftsmanship capabilities with the philosophy that the finest goods are made by carefully selected hands, following the precise characteristics of a deeply studied design model.

While Marcello ANGELETTI still personally welcomes clients into their quaint boutique on via Condotti in Rome, the third generation, Roberto and Rina, has now decided to open this Italian tradition to customers beyond the doors of their shop.

The new business strategy will perform on the international stage. With the background and experience, ANGELETTI brings the traditional brand a renewed sense of modern innovation coupled with global market appeal.

The third generation of Angelettis’ is taking the lead on this new wave of activity in design and production. Born into the fine jewelry community and surrounded by the masters of Italian craftsmanship, they developed their business acumen on the international stage. With this background and experience, they are bringing to the historical store in Via Condotti a renewed sense of modern innovation coupled with global market appeal.



The target market for ANGELETTI’s jewels are affluent people, who have the means and desire to buy luxury products, even those who like to buy once in a while luxury products.

People that travel around the world can appreciate the number of brands in the stores as well ANGELETTI’s collections which draw inspiration from different cultures.

Our company wants to bridge the gap between the values and attitudes of yesterday and today and to satisfy customer expectations. The affluent consumers today, tend to trust their own judgement to define value in products and services but at varying times will consult those who are more knowledgeable. ANGELETTI expects to satisfy those customers that are harder to please since they are better educated, more demanding, more time and price conscious and less forgiving.

We believe that the luxury market has been redefined by making luxury more about design than price. ANGELETTI wants to take care of our customers because qualitative dimensions such as product usage, brand loyalty, brand attitudes, and purchasing intensions need to be constantly adjusted and viewed with flexibility in developing niches.

The luxury-goods marketing lives in a paradox, high price, high cost, craftsmanship, limited distribution and low promotional activity these are the key words for successful marketing, these words attract the target consumer of luxury brands. And these factors define a luxury brand.